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Living Labs

The CityFlows project establishes a set of city-scale demonstrator projects to illustrate the overall impact of the system and management strategies on the liveability for various types of crowded spaces (i.e. day-to-day travel, transfer hubs, tourism and mass events) and crowd management objectives (e.g. the optimization of service, throughput or safety). In particular, living labs are established in Barcelona (the Sagrada Familia), Milan (Milan Central Station) and Amsterdam (Johan Cruijff Boulevard during large sports events and several locations inside the municipality where people are congregating).

The objective of CityFlows is to advance the level of service, throughput and/or safety of each living lab. Within all living labs, city officials, transfer hub operators, security personnel, sensor operators and research companies collaborate to deploy, operate and assess the impact of the system on the pedestrian flows in the living lab. At the same time, the living labs are used as impetus to connect the latest pedestrian sensing technologies to the CM-DSS. Supplementary to these technical and operational challenges, the Living labs will also be used to spark citizen engagement on the topic of crowd monitoring by governmental organisations and data ownership through the stakeholder meetings of the living labs. Moreover, the educational workshops of the living labs are used to disseminate our expertise on pro-active crowd management in the respective countries and nearest neighbours.